The Merits and Demerits of Internet Marketing

by JoanSilverstoneApril 14, 2011
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The cutthroat competition that businesses are facing today has forced most of them to seek for alternative means of keeping themselves ahead of the pack. With the rising cost of doing business and the unpredictable world economic climate, business owners are looking for ways of popularizing the kind of services and goods that they offer at a minimum cost.

There are many options that can enable them to do so and the most common one, nowadays, is internet marketing. This is because of the advancement of technology whereby most people are being connected to the internet. In fact, internet has changed the way consumers used to do their shopping. There are several merits and demerits that come with internet marketing.

First, advertising your products in the internet is a fulltime affair. This means that the target consumers will be able to access your webpage and choose what they want to buy anytime they want. Furthermore, target consumers from all over the world will view your products or services and this may translate to more actual sales or sales enquiries. Secondly, internet marketing comes at almost no cost. What you need is to log on in to your site and send as many messages as you can to your target customers, based on those who have subscribed subscription.

In addition, keeping your target clients updated on the kind of goods or services that you are offering is quite easy. This can be done via e-mail and they will be able to check out any new developments any time they visit your website. For instance, you easily inform your target clients that you are having a sale. Once they visit your website, those who are interested in what you have on offer can start shopping for the immediately they open their mail.

 There are kinds of businesses whereby clients need a lot information concerning certain issues. In this case, their updates can come in the form of journals or even magazines. If you have a wide client base, it may cost you much trying to reach all of your customers using the courier service. In this case, an easier way of ensuring that your clients get required voluminous information at minimal cost is through the internet.

However, relying on the internet to do your business can have several setbacks. First getting internet services comes at a cost. This can be in the form of internet charges for webhosting and design. If you are not careful enough, these are some of the things that can push the cost of operating your business up. In addition, although most people are accessing the internet nowadays, those who are aware of the concept of internet shopping may be few.

In this case, you may miss potential clients if you do not combine internet marketing with other means of marketing. Also, you need to keep on updating you are the information on your website at the time and this can be costly and tedious. There are clients who may find it difficult to make their payments online because of the rising cases of fraud over the internet. This can be a huge setback.

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